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What is Hosting?

Consider Changing a Life
Adoption is not for everyone, but caring for orphans is for everyone.
What is Hosting?
Hosting involves welcoming an international orphan into your home for 4 weeks. During this time, they will experience family life away from an orphanage or foster care.
We are hopeful that each orphan that desires a "forever family" will find one.  We never talk about adoption with the children that are hosted, but families who are interested in adopting have the unique opportunity to meet a child who might wish to be adopted.
Our Partner
We partner with Project 143 to help recruit and fund families in their compassionate attempt to care for orphans. Project 143 helps host hundreds of orphaned children every year!
The Hosting Experience
The Hosting Experience
"No matter where you are in life, there’s something you can do to help an orphan. And I can promise you that your life will be changed for the better."
      -Michelle Yoo, Orphan Host/Project 143 Volunteer
"The kids that are coming are so brave! I think about coming to an unfamiliar country, not knowing where they will be staying or who they will be staying with. Pushing past fear and uncertainty for the hope that is on the other side. They deserve a standing ovation...or at the very least a big hug."
                                           -Krystle Marks, Orphan Host
What You Need To Know
Older Orphans
The children we seek families for are between the ages of 6-16. Through our partner, Project 143, we are working with orphanages in Latvia, Ukraine, and Colombia, where these children "age out" of the system at 16 years old.
Why Hosting?  
If left for adoption in their own country, many of the children have less than a 1% chance of finding a home. However, once hosted, there is nearly a 70% chance they will be adopted into a loving family.
It typically costs $2,950 to host an orphan for 4 weeks. This consists primarily of transportation and administration expenses. Our foundation provides grants up to $2,000 to help ease the financial commitment. Many families are able to raise the rest through other fundraising alternatives. We are dedicated to making sure that finances don't hinder a family's willingness to reach out to a child in need.
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