Become a Host

1. Register for the photo listing with Project 143.
Fill out a simple form and receive access to the children available for hosting.
2. Discuss with a Project 143 contact and choose a child to host. 
Please inform the Project 143 representative that you are interested in a grant from Before 16.  They can guide you about specific concerns that will help with a grant request.
3. Submit a Before 16 Grant Request Form. 
Send your grant request to our Foundation Coordinator: Nathan Haag    Email:
4. Fill out an application for Project 143.
Project 143 will walk you through the next steps of the hosting process.
"Hosting has changed me more than I could have imagined."
-Areal Gunther, Host Family
Before 16 is a 501(c)3 nonprofit foundation built to care for orphans. We strive to get these children hosted by a family who is either considering adoption or will advocate for adoption. Our hope is that the hosting process can provide the avenue to find a loving family for each child. We are dedicated to rescuing as many orphans as possible before they turn 16 years old and age out of the system.
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