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"Imagine children lined up shoulder to shoulder all the way around the earth's equator. Now consider that all the orphaned children in the world wouldn't fit in that line."
                                                                 -Johnny Carr, Author of "Orphan Justice"


There exists an estimated 153 million orphans in the world today.  Many of these orphans live in orphanages or with foster families, though some of the most unfortunate already live on the streets. In many countries, the orphans who live within the social infrastructure will "age out" at only 16 years old.  While still being in adolescence, they are then treated as adults and exposed to numerous sources of manipulation and exploitation.  This is a tragic reality and many of these children face a terrible fate that is bound in crime, prostitution, drug abuse, and a shortened life.  Our mission is to care for these orphaned children and to hopefully find them a "forever family" by building awareness, connecting potential families with children in need, and advocating adoption.


 To advocate adoption of orphans before the age of 16 to give them a future and a hope.

We Believe

We believe that each child deserves an opportunity to grow up in a loving family and to have the time to mature before facing the difficulties of adulthood.

We Desire

We desire to alter their circumstances and are dedicated to breaking the cycle that swallows the lives of too many orphans.

We Advocate

We are proud advocates of hosting orphans, and we specifically assist in the process of hosting older children from Eastern Europe and Colombia where these young adolescents often "age out" and find themselves on the streets.

Every child that finds a loving home is a victory that we bask in.  We have a mission to change the reality these orphans face and each adoption helps to heal the brokenness.  Many potential hosts and adoptions are derailed because of funding, and that is why we strive to aid the process by providing grants.  Once a child gets hosted, their chance of getting adopted rises from less than 1% to nearly 70%.  We find a surge of hope in being able to have that type of opportunity to care for a child's life.
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